Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Poor (Wo)Man's Food Reviewers

Who are we and what qualifies US to tell YOU about food?!

We (Michelle and Stephanie) are two current UCLA students who became friends when they realized they shared a passion for life, food, and dancing for 26 hours (another post, another day).

You are coming in as these two spend their final two months together at UCLA. Michelle will be moving to New York City to attend graduate school at Columbia, and in one year, Stephanie will be somewhere in Africa or Central/South America.

What makes this blog different? Among the many aforementioned shared passions, Steph and Michelle also have a shared disdain for hoity-toity, pretentious food reviews. When we're hungry, the last thing we want to do is practice our french. We'll tell you "the chicken is good," "the soup was really good," and "try the chocolate cake." Ditch the canapes.

Steph and Michelle do not have incredibly expendable incomes. They neglect shopping for clothes and groceries in order to fund their, some would say addiction, to new and exotic foods. For the next two months, they will share with you the hidden culinary treasures of Los Angeles. Afterwards, Michelle will blog from the Big Apple, and Steph from wherever she happens to find herself.

Enjoy, and in lieu of saying bon appetit, chow down!