Saturday, April 16, 2011

Over the Brooklyn Bridge...and into Oz

Hey guys! It's been a while. Interested in what's been happening in New York? My friends came to visit for a few days, and we explored Brooklyn. You see, I had never really been to Brooklyn before, despite gallivanting all around Manhattan for almost a year.

I love it! It's a completely different world that has so much to offer. It's kind of like home...laid back yet urban, fashionable yet comfortable, distinctive yet familiar. I'm sure the good weather made a difference, too. :)

I'll definitely go back. Check out my culinary adventures!


Here we are at Blue Roost sampling the popular Pulled Pork Sandwich. After gallivanting around the Brooklyn Museum, Williamsburg, and Prospect Park for an afternoon, we needed sustenance. There's only so much walking you can do before your feet give out. I would recommend visiting Blue Roost. It's the epitome of a cozy mom 'n' pop shop where the owners sell homemade desserts and take their time chatting up customers. It's definitely a spot for locals. Every customer who walked in seemed super comfortable with the staff and stayed to chat for a while. Only in Brooklyn! :D

The Brooklyn Surf Bar. The best part of this restaurant is not that it's in trendy Hipsterville, or that it serves calamari, or Mimosas with burritos -- although all of those characteristics definitely boosts its appeal. What I love best about this place is....the ground is covered with sand! While eating there, I felt like I stumbled into a surf shack in Hawaii with my umbrella and black Uggs in tow.

Here is my friend with her calamari and Mimosa at the Surf Bar. Be sure to check out the sand-covered ground! If you're really interested, check out the site and take a lil' trip.

Have you ever sampled a cupcake that had caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, and a pretzel on it? For $1, you can try these whimsical morsels from Le Petite Cupcakery. I found out about them when I visited the Artists and Fleas market.

At first glance, this mish-mosh of flavors seems slightly sickening. I mean, bacon on a cupcake? Unconventional, sure! Would my stomach toss? I'd have to try it to know. Some people can handle the mixture of sweet and salty in a single bite. Then again, how can someone turn away bacon? (Especially if it hypnotizes you from the most unlikely place possible: the surface of a baby cupcake?) There's really no need for frosting. The bacon, peanut butter, caramel, pretzel, and other unconventional toppings render frosting obsolete.

Here's a link to Le Petite Cupcakery and Artists & Fleas.