Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pomodoro Trattoria

On the advice of one very wise Randy Farber, the co's and I decided to head south of Wilshire to Westwood's Pomodoro!

I ordered (second photo) the gnochi alla vodka. Wait. Let me correct myself. I ordered a piece of heaven, with a side of happy, garnished with culinary artistry. I don't like pasta...but I LOVED this dish.

A++++++++++ Reasonably priced, dangerously delicious!

Hometown Buffet

It's not fine dining...nor is it the cutest restaurant in the world. But if you're hungry, have a big group, and need lots of food for your is so very glorious.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

Video review!

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant in Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles (Fairfax). :D

I ate on a half-full stomach, which wasn't a good idea, as the food is pretty dense. But my co's LOVED it!

A- (but A++++ for service and clear explanations by staff of Ethiopian culture!)

Manna Korean BBQ

Starring Michelle, Steph, Brenda, and LiAnn!

We ordered the unlimited meat...option? It was SUPERBLY AWESOME. Again...Korean BBQ is NOT vegetarian-friendly.

A layman's explanation of the food:

Additional footage of how to get 'er done!


Versailles Cuban Restaurant


Michelle's Fambam treated us to Versailles Cuban restaurant in Culver City after the English grad ceremony. The menu in this place is as big as the portions!

I'll wait for Michelle to upload her pic and review, but here is what I got:

The dish was arroz con pollo (chicken with yellow rice). The rice was valencian, with seasoned chicken garnished with peas and pimentos. I still crave it. A lasting flavor...and a beautiful plate!

Warning: Versailles, and Cuban food in general, is NOT vegetarian-friendly.

Stinking Rose...part deux!

So...the next day, after Michelle and I had that lovely dinner at SR...I came back! But with our roomie Brenda (another graduate) and her crew!

And what I had was BETTER! GARLIC FISH AND CHIPS! Mmmmmmm!

My Garlic Fish and Chips

Bart...garlic braised boneless short rib...I think?

Alice's pesto salad with sundried tomatoes!

Brenda's Silence of the Lamb Shank!

Ceasar salad! :D

And of course...GARLIC ICE CREAM!

Another A!