Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Calbi Truck!

Of all of the kitschy to-dos and fads in L.A. (and boy, are there many), the best and most popular has got to be the slew of food trucks that are canvassing the streets of our fair city. Among the most notable: GastroBus, Calbi, Kogi, LA Fuxion, the Flying Pig, and of course, the Grilled Cheese truck. At UCLA, in lieu of the under-construction South Campus center, food trucks have been coming every weekday to quell the insatiable hunger of our science-oriented area of campus. This week:

The Calbi truck!

Now, I've ordered Kimchi Quesadillas multiple times from both the Calbi and Kogi truck. The trick is to order at a nonbusy time, when they have the time to properly grill the sucker. The above quesadilla was the best KQ I've ever had!


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