Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spain: Dispatches from the Edge

Hello foodiesphere!

This is Stephanie, coming to you jive and alive from Granada, Spain. Life has been pretty insane since I arrived on September 23rd. Namely, the culinary experience. I feel as if I am little Red Riding Hood, except rather than creeping cautiously through the woods to Grandma's dilapidated cabin, I am skipping merrily through FunFoodland Forest, where the trees are filled with fresh bread, the roads are lined with tapas, and a babbling creek of Spanish wine leads to the way to Grandma's house...which overlooks a Paella garden.

What is the best way to describe Spanish cuisine? Imagine that steamy, rebellious culinary college drop-out, who suavely threw his poofy, white chef's hat to the wind when those stuffy administrators told him that good food didn't excuse poor presentation.

"But ze food should speak for eetzelf," remarks our crooning culinarian, as he slams the door behind him forever.

AKA, spanish food preparation is spent on maximizing flavor, at the expense of presentation. But is so, so, very delish. Feast your eyes on the photos that do absolutely no justice to Spain's food scene...but still look pretty tasty!


  1. hahah the arrangement of the toppings on that pizza cracks me up! there is like a huge blob of meat randomly in one corner, and then two peppers in the middle of nowhere....i love it. and i love how you write...i feel like i am right there with you...if you ever decide that saving the world isnt your thing, you should become an buy all of your books :) xoxo rachel