Friday, May 7, 2010

I've got folic acid, how about you?

A finally-realized desire to be healthy, coupled with a very opportune Spring quarter course in Community Health Sciences, has got me on this creative dark-greens kick. Thus, I present to our readers the salad du jour: the Rockstar Mix (catchy, right?)!

I call it the rockstar salad because like us, rockstars don't have large amounts of time to prepare food! This is a quick and easy recipe, worthy of even Mick Jagger.

Literally everything that went into this dish, except for the plate, was bought for suuuuuper cheap at Trader Joe's!

I started off with a base of baby romaine lettuce leaves. Then, I added a homemade vinaigrette (learned two weeks ago from a live demonstration by Alice Water!). The dressing is half (extra virgin Spanish) olive oil, half white balsamic vinegar, and just a little table pepper. The trick is to get the dressing into the lettuce with your hands. None of that spoon and drizzle nonsense.

Then, I went over the dressing with a few squeezes of a fresh squeezed lemon. Afterwards, I added the contents of 1 1/2 Mandarin oranges (Cuties!) and a handful of fried fruit. I really enjoy that play between sweet and sour. Mix this all together (with your hands!), and add a mini sweet bell pepper on top, and as our French friends say...voila! Also...j'aime manger!

- Steph

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