Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Palomino Euro-Bistro

Yesterday, the destructive duo headed over to Palomino, a Westwood haunt that has a certain...je ne sais quoi (ewww Steph...CLICHE!). In reality, Palomino is a hip little drink-and-eat with an infamously spectacular Happy Hour (FIVE DOLLAR GOURMET THIN CRUST PIZZAS!)

Michelle: The thin crust pizza is so thin it's like chomping on a cracker loaded with toppings. I want another pizza right now cuz it's so good! Rotisserie Chicken pizza...for happy hour! Palomino's doesn't serve just your basic sliders and burritos -- it's chic. We didn't order any appetizers, but they looked really upscale on the menu. I ate a whole pizza by myself -- and some of Steph's, too. I'd go back again!

Steph: I ordered a Prosciutto and Roma Tomato Signature Brick Oven Pizza. It ended up coming out with some slices of ham on it (?), but I like to think of these ordering mishaps as small bits of heaven delegated by some higher, food-oriented, celestial being. The food was already great, but it was AMAZING in retrospect considering the whole pizza (like...BJs Brewery size mini) was $5! And, eating it in a swanky bar ambience...check this place out!


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