Sunday, June 5, 2011

Halal Food

There are food carts all over New York City. Some sell hotdogs, croissant sandwiches, orange juice, coffee, or ice cream. Others sell something I had never heard of before: Halal food. Before I tried it, I didn't know why people would wait in line for chicken and rice, or gyros from a one-man cart stand.

The guy at the stand cooks the food in front of you. The portions are huge. The price is right. $5 for a full lunch box? I wouldn't have it any other way.

Not only does the food smell amazing and attract hungry people, the cuisine has a religious component as well. I googled the word, "halal" online. According to, halal means "permissable" or "lawful". In terms of food and drink, halal includes anything that follows Islamic dietary guidelines.

I definitely recommend that tourists, especially, try food from a halal cart. It's a new experience that shouldn't be overlooked.

FYI: Ask for the white sauce if you prefer non-spicy food. I tried a plate with white sauce, and it was tasty. I also asked for "everything" during my second halal cart experience and got a flaming red sauce mixed in with the white sauce. If you're brave enough to try the red sauce, make sure you have water with you!


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  1. This looks and SOUNDS so amazing. I wish I could out there in nyc with you!