Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cruise Cuisine

Tour of the kitchen where chefs work their magic.

Make your own pizza.

Every night, the ship serves an Indian dish. Yes, these plates are both mine. No, I'm not hoarding them for myself; I'm sharing them.

For once in my adult life, I'm early for something! No one else has arrived. Of course, the event I'm early for would be dinner.

One of many desserts. I forget what the reddish one is. The middle one is a rich, thick, chocolate, fudgy cake. In any case, I finished only the chocolate cake anyway. After having an appetizer and three shared entrees, the biggest dessert I could eat was this small thing.

Lobster night!!! This plate of food looks large, but it's just right. Everything swims in butter.

Banana cream pie. Not a fan. I'm sure it was tasty to someone else.

Panko-incrusted fish.

Roast beef sandwich drenched in au jus and mustard.

Two-for-one coupon to Johnny Rockets pays off.

Chocolate mousse and FLAN!!!

Make-your-own-salad bar.


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