Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tofu and Mint

Hey foodies! Steph here.

Let's be real. As a novice chef (if even that), not every dish is going to come out picture perfect. Heck, a good chunk is going to come out pretty fugly. Case in point, today's dish.

Let's set the scene. I run home. It's 10:00 pm, I haven't had dinner yet, and I have a lot of work to get started on. And of course, the only food I'm craving is the fried tofu my mom has so artfully mastered.

So I open up a box of tofu, throw it in an olive-oiled pan, and start frying. Then, remembering the delicious bale/head? of chard I bought on Sunday, I cut up a leaf and throw that in. Wait 5 minutes. The tofu is now waterier than it was before, and has turned pink. I panic, and call my mom. Oh...the tofu has to be dried first?

The mother's hotline

I try to make the most out of the sitch. Drain the watery oil soup, and add some chicken. And voila!

Yeah, I know. It ain't the Miss America of food. But it got the job done. Also, taking a few tips from some Persian friends south of Wilshire, I added two sprigs of the mint bought on Sunday to a cup of boiling water for some refreshing mint tea!


  1. That actually looks pretty good considering the confusion and messiness of cooking. :)

  2. It literally looks like you took the tofu out of the box and threw it on there! Girl you need to cut that up nicely next time :P

  3. LOL!! This post made me laugh so much! Trust me, Michelle, you did a good job! I have messed up things FAR WORSE than this *simultaneously laughing and hiding my head in shame*