Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Hollywood Farmers Market Experience...the Beginning

So while our mini, mischievous Michelle has been galavanting all over NYC and the Caribbean in search of the next gastronomic revelation, I have followed through with my own personal goal of taking an additional direction with the LA-based posts by adding more home-made dishes.

And thus, today, we visited the Hollywood Farmers Market!

With a mere one hour on the meter and a budget of $10, this novice to healthy-hippie-organic-and-dreads-and-tea-and-chakras lifestyle walked dazed and confused by the stalls, fastidiously observing the veterans with their canvas bags and they navigated this new world of edible vegetation.

So by the end, I left with a bag of the prettiest bushels I semi-recognized: kale, mint, and chard.

When I arrived home, it was lunch time! Upon examination of these three heads of...healthy greens?...I decided the only thing that at this point of life I could make was a soup!

So I suppose the recipe would be to boil water, and chop up the above pictured, add some pepper, and veryveryvery minimal salt. :)

The soup was actually quite hearty, because the kale offers a good crunch! Accompany it with an apple or a nice pita, and you're good to go! :)

And it's pretty awesome in the looks department...*gastronimcally sexy wink*

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  1. I don't know WHAT kale and chard are, but that looks delicious! Note to Steph: canvas bags and yoga pants are now must-haves for you in this organic-type lifestyle that you're creating. No more crazy prints for you!!!