Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheeburger Time Warp

Waiting for a table? Wait in style....

My cousins, the ones whose wedding I blogged about back in October, treated me to a fab lunch!

My Chocolate-Oreo-Butterscotch shake. (I think I overdid it.)

The first onion rings I've had since middle school! Sooo good!!!!

Anyone got a DeLorean? Cheeburger in White Plains, NY makes me feel like I should put on a poodle skirt and order Coca Cola that comes in a bottle. The walls are bubblegum pink and proudly display movie posters and icons from the 1950s. A cut-out of Marilyn hangs on the girls' bathroom door, and a cut-out of James Dean leads into the broom closet.

Quirky, but really entertaining.

This over-the-top burger joint does not disappoint. Aside from the decor, the menu aims to impress. Cheeburger is no ordinary restaurant; there are no burgers on the menu. You can make your own by combining ingredients listed on the menu. Invent your own Salad! Invent your own Cheeburger! There are different sized burgers: Our Famous Pounder, The Delirious, The Serious, The Semi-Serious, and The Classic.

The trait that makes Cheeburger stand out: being able to invent my own milkshake or malt. I can choose from three long columns of options ranging from brownie batter to watermelon. Just looking at the menu made me full, and I didn't even eat breakfast that morning.

I ordered a Semi-Serious burger (one step up from the "beginner" burger) with lettuce, Provolone, and an onion ring. From now on, I'm just going to put onion rings in my burgers if the restaurant doesn't include them like Cheeburger does. It really gives the burger a nice edge! As for the milkshake, my Chocolate-Oreo-Butterscotch mix tasted delicious. Next time, I'll try a watermelon-key lime pie-Caribbeam Rum combo next just to see how far I can mix ingredients without feeling queasy.

Feast your eyes on this food coma at http://cheeburger.com/home2/index.asp


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