Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Griddle Cafe

How does one ever explain The Griddle Cafe? It's a kitschy, but necessary L.A. favorite. My first time there, I ran into LMFAO. Located right on the Sunset Strip (at Fairfax, I believe), its almost too easy to miss this tiny, breakfast-sugar establishment. But you never will, because the wait is always an hour long with a hungry crowd outside to prove it.

You have to approach the Griddle as a blood sugar challenge. If you are healthy, one meal there will bump you up to pre-diabetic. If you are pre-diabetic, you may not survive. For example, a famous dish at the Griddle is the red velvet pancake. You are given a single pancake made of red velvet (as in for cupcakes, yes), the size of a dinner plate and just over an inch deep. They then top that with CREAM CHEESE frosting and powdered sugar.

I give it a B+, because I was sincerely overwhelmed. It's a LOT to handle for a serious breakfast. But it's a must-do. :)

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