Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mas Malo

* This is Steph's first post in several weeks. As a result, you'll get a lot of scrumptious pictures and summative remarks, as the memory of specific dishes have long since walked the desolate halls of my mind. :)


We went to MAS MALO as a part of a great friend's 22nd birthday (BUTTERCUP!). What I was told was that it was a Mexican restaurant downtown. What I wasn't told was that it was a super hip, clubby BCBG-ype cocina. The food is AMAZING. Apparently it's the second phase of the mothership restaurant, MALO.

What it's known for: hipster Mexican food. Get the chips especial...which are soggy chips. So warm. So good. MM is great if you're vying for a clubby atmosphere with friends before a night of dancing and drinks. And it's downtown! How can you beat that?!


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