Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Urth Caffe -- Santa Monica, CA

Urth Caffe has several locations in L.A. My friend and I happened to visit the one in Santa Monica that day. When you visit the Santa Monica branch, be sure that you park your car in a space that does not require a permit. Also make sure that none of the parking signs are obscured by trees. The Santa Monica MeterMaid is neither kind nor forgiving.

Okay, back to Urth! What is that green goop in my mug, you ask? Moroccan Tea Latte. It tastes like green tea and cinnamon blended together. Isn't the decoration pretty?

Speaking of "pretty," Urth Caffe caters to Angelenos. It's typically a place to "star gaze"...except for the day I was there. Also, the Urth Caffe in Santa Monica is more relaxed than the other one I went to in West Hollywood. Maybe you'll have better luck when you try this place out!

-- Michelle

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  1. ah, that drink is beautiful! i've never had moroccan tea. sounds yummy!