Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paper or Plastik

I can't believe I missed blogging about Paper or Plastik!

:) WHAT A GREAT PLACE! In my vision of searching for that great cafe, PoP fits the bill to a tee. Fun crowd. Great coffee. Sexy baristas (I's run by three 20-or-30-something male models). Industrial space. Great windows. Middle-of-the-room iron staircase. Wifi. And it's attached to AND overlooks a dance studio. It's like the coffee gods took a snapshot of all my hopes and desires, and manifested them as a coffee institution. And, to make it even cooler, there's no real sign out front saying that you've found PoP. It just says..."CAFE." How hip.

Great for dates, studying, impressing people with your knowledge of cool places!!!

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